COS Alumni Chapter prepares for Alumni Weekend

The College of Science alumni chapter board has been hard at work on the Science of Beer event, which will take place during Alumni Weekend. As part of the planning, board members have networked with businesses in the local community to forge new relationships that may benefit the college and our alumni.

Friends, staff, faculty, current students and alumni of the college are encouraged to attend the Science of Beer as a venue to reconnect with the college and friends from past classes. In addition, any proceeds from the event will support the group’s efforts to fund scholarships and create better programs for the future.

Included among future programs, the alumni chapter board intends to host a one-day retreat this fall to help educate themselves and current students on the mechanisms of fundraising, and the needs and priorities of the college. If you are interested in attending such an event or have ideas about what you would like to see included, please let the events officer Tiffany Ha know by emailing