Center for Energy Science and Policy Names COS Co-Director

Paul Houser has been selected to be the new co-director from COS for the Center for Energy Science and Policy.  He is joining continuing co-director Richard Kauzlarich, from the School of Policy, Government and International Affairs. The center is jointly housed in COS and SPGIA.

Dr. Houser is a professor in the Geography and Geoinformation Science Department, whose broad background in energy and water science has enabled collaborations throughout the government, private and academic communities. He has focused most of his career on the development and application of hydrologic data assimilation techniques, which involves extensive interaction with observational and modeling systems, and interaction with stakeholders and application specialists to inform decision support tools. He has extensive experience in research and applications, management of diverse groups, and development of interdisciplinary research programs.

As co-director of CESP, Dr. Houser plans to help build a vibrant energy science program that makes extensive use of high-performance computer simulation and visualization, and hands-on laboratory-intensive research studies, and innovative educational opportunities, to develop integrative applied science and policy solutions for the energy challenges of Virginia and beyond. He is especially excited about developing  university-private, and university-government partnerships, fostering interdisciplinary research teams, and exploring integrative sustainability research partnerships.