Alumni Profile: Kirk Preiss, MS ’77 Mathematics

Dean’s Distinguished Alumni Q&A with Kirk Preiss

This year’s Dean’s Distinguished Alumni Q&A hosted alumnus Kirk A. Preiss, MS ’77 Mathematics. Mr. Preiss spoke with a small group of students during an intimate session the day prior to convocation. College of Science director of development Ted Wynn conversed with Kirk on a variety of topics before opening the floor to student questions.

Quick Biography

Kirk Preiss

Kirk Preiss
President, The Preiss Company “your college neighborhood”

Kirk A. Preiss BS Mathematics UNC ’72, MS Mathematics GMU ’77, MBA Duke ’95 and his wife Donna (Founder and CEO of The Preiss Company), own The Preiss Company founded in 1987. Today, The Preiss Company employs over 400 people and oversees a portfolio valued at over $1 Billion. It is the 3rd largest privately owned off campus student housing company in the nation managing over 20,000 beds in 15 States and 30 Markets. Kirk is currently focused on the company culture and the mission of providing “The Best College Living Experience Anywhere”.

Prior to joining The Preiss Company, Kirk held an executive position in technology at IBM and was in charge of their networking standards mission. Kirk was heavily involved in the Local Area Network and Internet movement in the 80’s and 90’s. He was a on the IEEE 802 Executive Committee during the development of our current Ethernet and Wireless international standards.

His list of corporate accomplishments are many and include his NASA white paper on Orbit Determination Algorithms, which laid the foundation for today’s GPS, his work with Nuclear Reactor Mathematical Models for Nuclear Plant Operations in the ’80s, patents on Local Area Network Bridging in the early ’90s, and the architecting and implementing of one of the first high-speed Internet infrastructures for off-campus student housing in the late ’90s. In 2002, he was appointed by Governor Mike Easley to the North Carolina Science and Technology Board.

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