Vertebrate Paleontology

GEOL 334, Vertebrate Paleontology

Are you fascinated by the history of life on earth? Interested in the study of dinosaurs and other vertebrates of the Mesozoic Era? Wonder what fossils can teach us today?

This spring, go back in time with GEOL 334 Vertebrate Paleontology, a new course offered in the College of Science as part of the school’s new minor in Paleontology.

George Mason University is one of the very few colleges in the U.S. to offer this exciting minor. Courses allow students to explore the evolution of life from its beginnings in the Proterozoic Era and how it affects today.

This course introduces students to the systematics, anatomy, paleogeography, and ecology of extinct vertebrates. Discussions will include interesting topics on fishes, early tetrapods and amniotes, birds, and mammals as well as dinosaurs.

  • Discover the techniques and analysis used by paleontologists today.
  • Study fossil specimens and casts in hands-on lab work.
  • Experience the fascinating work of paleontologists with a weekend field trip!

Prerequisites: GEOL 101 or 102, or BIOL 103 or 104.