Talking to the public about global warming

AOES Climate Scientists have been busy recently informing the Northern Virginia public about global warming.

Jagadish Shukla and Jim Kinter spoke at Climate 3.0: The Science, the Politics, and the Policy Agenda. The event, moderated by Washington Post columnist and Mason professor Steven Pearlstein, also featured talks by President Cabrera and faculty from the Communications Department, the Mercatus Center, and other departments.

The Washington Post printed Barry Klinger’s letter to the editor on carbon emissions in the US and around the globe.

Jim Kinter gave talks about The New Normal of climate change to audiences at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the Northern Virginia Regional Council, and elsewhere in Virginia. Dr. Kinter was also a panelist along with two Virginia Assembly Delegates at “The Ice Melts” event at, organized by honors undergraduate students at George Mason University.

Shukla and Klinger also gave short talks on climate at the “Breaching Waterways: Along the Anacostia River”, a performance piece by Mason performance artist Katie Kehoe.