Professor Kinter Elected Fellow of AMS

AOES Associate Professor and COLA director James L. Kinter III was elected a Fellow of theAmerican Meteorological Society (AMS). AMS selects Fellows who “have made strong contributions to the atmospheric or related sciences over a period of years.” Fellows represent less than 5% of the AMS membership. Kinter joins AOES faculty Schneider and Shukla as AMS Fellows.

Dr. Kinter III manages all aspects of basic climate research conducted by the COLA. Dr. Kinter’s research includes studies of atmospheric dynamics and predictability on seasonal and longer time scales. Of particular interest in his research are prospects for prediction of El Niño and the extratropical response to tropical sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies using general circulation models of the Earth’s atmosphere. Dr. Kinter has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at George Mason and plays an active role in the Climate Dynamis PhD Program. He has served on many national review panels for both scientific research programs and supercomputing programs for computational climate modeling.

Coincidentally, Dr. Kinter was quoted twice recently in articles on global warming in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. One article reported on global warming and the government of Virginia, the other on the recent local heavy snowfall and global warming.