Climate Dynamics Doctoral Alumni

The Climate Dynamics Program has had an exceptional record in placing graduating students in top posts of research and research administration. We welcome alumni to contact Dr. Barry Klinger,  bklinger, with news of recent accomplishments and to visit this page to keep in touch.

Alumni Names, Dissertation Titles, and Post-Graduate Affiliation

Srivastava, Abhishekh (2017) Decadal predictability in climate models with and without interactive ocean dynamics.
U California, Davis

Jin, Yan (2016)
Simulation of the East Asian Summer Monsoon (EASM) in SP-CCSM4 under Present and Future Climate Conditions
George Mason University, AOES

Feng, Xuelei (2016)
Understanding of global climate variability and climate changes in high-resolution GCM simulations
Texas A & M University – Corpus Christi

LaJoie, Emerson (2016)
Projected Changes in Internal Variability for Temperature and Precipitation: New Field Significance Tests
Atmospheric Scientist, Climate Prediction Center NOAA Affiliate – Innovim, Inc.

Xiaoqin Yan (2016)
Detecting Anthropogenic Aerosol Cooling in Models and Observations
Princeton/NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Garuba, Oluwayemi (2015)
Mechanisms of Ocean Heat Uptake
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Palipane, Erool (2015)
Atmospheric General Circulation Changes under Global Warming
Postdoctoral Scholar, U. California, Davis, Dept. of Land, Air and Water Resources.

Badger, Andrew (2015)
The Role of Large-Scale Land-Use Change on the Global Climate Response and Sensitivity to Amazon Deforestation
Research Associate, CIRES (NOAA and University of Colorado Boulder)

Stofferahn, Eric (2015)
Investigation of Aerosol Effects on the Arctic Surface Temperature During the Diurnal Cycle
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Colfescu, Ioana (2014)
Attribution of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability to External Forcing, Internal Variability and Weather Noise
Research Scientist, Leeds University (UK) National Centre for Atmospheric Science
photographer extraordinaire

Hazra, Abheera (2013)
Seasonal Variations of Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillations
Post-doctoral associate, University of California, Santa Barbara

Chen, Hua (2013)
Mechanisms of the Internally Generated Decadal-to-Multidecadal Variability in the Atlantic
equivalent of assistant professor, Department of Climate Change, School of Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

Nattala, Jyothi (2013)
El Niño and the Southern Oscillation in Parameterized and
Super-Parameterized Coupled General Circulation Models
Senior Research Scientist, SAIC and NASA GSFC GMAO

Swenson, Erik (2012)
“The role of sub-seasonal tropical convective variability for the extratropical response to ENSO”
Post-doctoral Associate, George Mason University, AOES

Krishnamurthy, Lakshmi (2012)
“Influence of decadal variability of global oceans on South Asian monsoon and ENSO-monsoon relation”
COLA (till January 2013); NOAA/GFDL (UCAR Fellow)

Li, Jian (2011)
“SST diurnal variability and its influence on the tropical atmospheric intraseasonal variability”
George Mason U. GGS Dept and NOAA/NESDIS

Arsenault, Kristi (2011)
“Impact of Model and Observation Error on Assimilating Snow Cover Fraction Observations”
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jang, Youkyoung (2011)
“The Atmospheric Influence of Tropical Diabatic Heating Associated with Developing ENSO on Indian Monsoon”
Florida International University

Jia, Liwei (2011)
“Robust Predictability of Regional Climate Change”

Xu, Li (2011)
“Snow-Atmosphere Coupling Strength and its Contribution to Climate Predictability”

Cruz, Carlos (2010)
“Global Circulation Variability Induced by Southern Ocean Winds Goddard Space Flight Center/Northrup Grumman Corp.

Feng, Xia (2010)
“Identifying the Predictability of Water cycle by Detecting and Attributing Variability and Change”
George Mason University

Narapusetty, Balachandrudu (2010)
“Impact of Tropical Instability Waves on Atmospheric Boundary Layer”

Achuthavarier, Deepthi (2009)
“Role of the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the Indian Summer Monsoon Variability”
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Pan, Xiaohua (2009)
“The Influence of Mean Climate on the ENSO Simulation and Predictability”
Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center, U. Maryland Baltimore County

Fan, Meizhu (2008)
“Low Frequency Climate Variability in the North Atlantic: Stochastic Forcing and Coupled Response”

Jin, Daeho (2008)
“The Impact of Perfectly Periodic ENSO on the Extratropics”
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami, Miami, FL

Pegion, Kathy (2007)
“Potential Predictability of Tropical Intraseasonal Variability in the NCEP Climate Forecast System”
Assistant Professor, George Mason University, AOES

Feudale, Laura (2006)
“Large Scale Extreme Events in Surface Temperature During 1950-2003; An Observational and Modeling Study”
Physics of Weather and Climate Group, The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy
currently University of Trieste

Burgman, Robert (2006)
“Model Studies of ENSO Decadal Variability”
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami, Miami, FL
Currently Assistant Professor, Florida International University

Bates, Susan (2006)
“The Role of the Annual Cycle in Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Variability in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean”
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Currently NCAR, Ocean Model Working Group Science Liaison

Vikhliaev, Yuri (2005)
“The Role of Ocean Basin Modes in Excitation of North Pacific Decadal Variability”
Global Modeling And Assimilation Office
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Anderson, Whit (2004)
“Oceanic Sill-Overflow Systems: Investigation and Simulation with the Poseidon Ocean General Circulation Model”
NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ

Manganello, Julia (2004)
“The Influence of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on Low-Frequency Variability of the North Atlantic Oscillation”
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies, Calverton, MD
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Verona, Mary Ellen (2002)
“The role of Westerly Wind Bursts in the Development of El Nino”

Bamzai, Anjuli (1997)
“Observational and Modeling Study of Snow and Its Relation to the Indian Summer Monsoon”

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