Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Harry Dowsett

Senior Research Scientist and Project Chief, US Geological Survey
Teaches: GEOL 101 and 102 Introductory Geology Labs

Expertise: Micropaleontology, Paleoclimate Reconstruction and Modeling

Background: 26 years at USGS, served as Associate Program Director for NSF Paleoclimate Program, Editor of the Journal Micropaleontology, recipient of the Paleontological Society’s 2012 Presidents Award.

Dr. Dionysios Foustoukos

Research Scientist, Carnegie Institute of Washington
Teaches: GEOL 315 Topics in Biogeochemistry, Marine Geology, Chemical Oceanography

Expertise: Experimental geochemistry and chemical oceanography; the evolution of submarine volcanoes; the habitability of deep-sea extreme environments; physical chemistry of aqueous solutions and crystalline phases on Earth’s surface and Earth’s interior; metal mobility, deep carbon cycling, phase equilibria and thermodynamics of metastable mineral phases; stable isotope proxies of abiotic/biotic processes.

Background: Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Postdoctoral Associate, University of Minnesota

Dr. Jules Goldspiel

Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute
Teaches: GEOL 313 Hydrogeology, GEOL 315 Topics in Planetary Geology

Expertise: Modeling of the atmosphere, surface and subsurface of Earth and Mars; identification and interpretation of landforms associated with past and present liquid water on Mars, with an emphasis on understanding the formation of landforms associated with groundwater seeps, rivers and lakes on Mars.

Background: Planetary Scientist applying spacecraft images, Earth-based radar observations, hydrologic and hydrogeologic theory, and numerical models of geophysical processes to map and characterize the surface and near-surface regions of Mars. Assistant Professor, Astronomy, Northern Virginia Community College. Astrophysicist and Section Head, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory, Space Science Division, program management and program development.

Dr. Gilpin Robinson

Geologist, US Geological Survey
Teaches: GEOL 320 Geology of Earth Resources

Expertise: Mineral resource assessment and critical mineral resources, origin and genesis of metal and industrial mineral deposits, spatial analysis and modeling of mineral resources and groundwater contamination hazards

Background: Geologist and mineral resources specialist since 1978, project management and program development, served as Deputy Chief for Mineral and Environmental Research in the Office of Mineral Resources at the USGS from 1992-1995.

Dr. David Verardo

Director of Paleoclimate Program, National Science Foundation.
Teaches: GEOL 420 Earth Science and Policy

Expertise: Paleoclimatology, Geology, Science Policy, Law, Management

Background: Head of Atmospheric Section, National Science Foundation; Deputy Director, Special Report on Land Use, Land Use Changes, and Forestry, United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; part of the IPCC team that was recognized for aiding the IPCC in receiving the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize; AAAS Congressional Science Fellow; U.S. Geological Survey Geologist.

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