Dr. Cristiana Stan Joins AOES Faculty

Cristiana Stan joins GMU and AOES as a new Assistant Professor. An expert in modeling atmospheric dynamics and climate, Dr. Stan has studied the general circulation of the atmosphere, climate predictability, and tropical variability.

Most recently she has led a groundbreaking study which unearthed the role of cloud representation in simulating the global-scale circulation of the atmosphere. The climate is influenced by interactions on very large scales (across the entire globe), yet the behavior of climate also depends on cloud features that are tens of kilometers (or less) in width. Practical limits make it difficult to simultaneously model both the large scale and small scale features, but Stan and colleagues at COLA, GMU, and elsewhere were able to simulate the whole atmosphere with explicit representation of clouds as little as 4 km. Her results show that including an explicit representation of cloud processes simulation of large-scale and regional precipitation patterns, the Madden-Julian Oscillation, the Asian monsoon, and the ENSO have been significantly improved. Dr. Stan is leading a project as part of the National Science Foundation’s Petascale Computing Resource Allocations (PRAC) program which will conduct climate simulations on leading-edge supercomputers addition to NSF, her research is funded by NOAA and DOE.

Dr. Stan has long-standing ties to the department through her work since 2005 at COLA (Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies), where she has collaborated with AOES faculty and interacted with students in the Climate Dynamics Program. She will continue her affiliation with COLA. She has a PhD in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University and a BS and MS in Physics from University of Bucharest. Dr. Stan will enhance the strength of AOES in studying interactions between mesoscale and large scale dynamics. She looks forward to developing new courses and working with graduate and undergraduate students.