Climate Science Master’s Degree Approved

The State Council on Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) has approved a Masters Degree in Climate Science. The program is accepting applications for Fall 2020.

The MS degree is designed to help meet the rising demand for climate experts to help society respond to climate change. The degree joins the current AOES undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Science, doctorate in Climate Dynamics, and degrees in Earth Science and in Geology. The program builds on the climate modeling and analysis expertise of AOES and the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA), a leader in the study of climate predictability.

Students in the Climate Modeling Concentration learn to conduct simulations with state-of-the-art climate models. Students in the Climate Data Concentration learn to process and interpret large climate data sets. All graduates of the program will learn the fundamentals of climate science, atmospheric science, and physical oceanography.

Information on Climate Science MS