Climate Dynamics Alumna Heads NSF Division

Climate Dynamics Alumna Dr. Anjuli Bamzai ’97 has been promoted to Division  Director for the Division of Atmospheric Geospace Sciences (AGS) of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Anjuli Bamzai NSF Division

As the very first George Mason University Climate Dynamics graduate, Dr. Bamzai was a Climate Dynamics doctoral student before Climate Dynamics was a separate program, before AOES was a separate department, and before College of Science existed.  In those days, Climate Dynamics was a concentration of the Computational Sciences and Infomatics PhD in the School of Computational Sciences.  Since then, over 40 scientists have earned Climate Dynamics doctorates from GMU.

Dr. Bamzai has extensive leadership experience within NSF, including directing the Climate and Large Scale Dynamics program and the Arctic Natural Sciences program.  AGS is one of five divisions (along with Earth Sciences, Ocean Sciences, Polar Programs, and Integrative and Collaborative Education and Research) of the NSF Geosciences Directorate.  Geosciences, in turn, is one of the seven directorates comprising NSF.