CLIM 996 Doctoral Reading and Research

Reading and research on a specific topic in climate dynamics under the direction of a faculty member.

Prerequisite(s): Admission into climate dynamics doctoral program and permission of instructor.

Notes: May be repeated as necessary.

Registration Procedure

To set up a reading course, student should fill out an Individualized Section Form. Form must be signed by the AOES Dept. Chair and then sent to the COS Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs for a signing.

The instructor directing the reading course should also write a one page summary of the reading course. The summary should be emailed to the Climate Dynamics graduate coordinator and AOES Chair before the Chair signs the Individualized Section Form. The summary should not have be very detailed, but a few details, such as what papers will be read or what data will be examined, should be included to the extent they have been determined before the term.

For a smooth term registration, it is best if the Section Form is sent to the Associate Dean at least one week before start of term.

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