Climate Student Receives Dean’s Graduate Award of Excellence

Andrew Badger (Climate Dynamics Ph.D. Spring 2015) has been named the recipient of the College of Science Dean’s Graduate Award of Excellence. He has been recognized for several accomplishments associated with completion of his dissertation titled, “The Role of Large-Scale Land-Use Change on the Global Climate – Response and Sensitivity to Amazon Deforestation”.

Andrew’s dissertation advisor has been AOES faculty member Paul Dirmeyer. Andrew developed a parameterization for tropical crops for the National Center for Environmental Research (NCAR) Community Earth System Model (CESM) that will be implemented in the next official version of CESM and contribute to the 6th IPCC climate assessment. He applied this innovation to improve upon past studies of tropical deforestation by conducting the first study to include a fully coupled ocean model, completely interactive biogeochemistry, irrigation effects, as well as a realistic assortment of crops and distribution of land use change over the Amazon region. He also conducted novel assessments of several categories of partial deforestation. His work has led to three papers published or under review, and a fourth paper in preparation.