Atmospheric Transport & Dispersion Conference

This June 9-11 George Mason University will host the 19th Annual George Mason University Conference on Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Modeling.

The technical topics to be included cover a wide range under the general category of atmospheric transport and dispersion modeling. The major topic areas include:

  • New developments in basic theories of boundary layer models and transport and dispersion models
  • Urban-scale meteorological and dispersion experiments and models
  • CFD model theory and applications
  • Field experiments and laboratory experiments concerned with boundary layer studies and turbulence and dispersion studies

Participants of the past 18 conferences included representatives from DoD, EPA, DOE, NOAA, universities, private companies and other agencies doing related research, as well as scientists from other countries. Very fruitful contacts have been made over the past eight years and many collaborative studies have been initiated as a result of the conference.