AOES Sophomore interns at NASA

Last summer, Amber Verstynen, a sophomore in the Atmospheric Science bachelor’s program at George Mason, did an internship at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA.

For her internship, Amber took ozone measurements across the Eastern Shore to study variations in ozone levels. She also collected and analyzed measurements from two air quality sensors to test their accuracy.

Amber says “I found the internship extremely interesting and helpful. I realized through the internship that I really like the data analysis part of atmospheric science. It was really exciting to see how various weather events affected the ozone variations. ”

Classes in Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science (CLIM 111) and in Global Climate Change Science (CLIM 102) “helped me with this internship” by giving her “background knowledge to apply to the patterns seen in our data.”

Amber presented her work in a poster at the Department of Environmental Quality in Richmond, VA and to other interns and employees at NASA Langley.