AOES Collaborates With Ligado on Weather Data

AOES and COLA Atmospheric Sciences researchers have begun a collaboration to provide the public with real-time access to critical weather and atmospheric data, helping students and scientists better research, track and predict weather.

Press Release

“This project provides an opportunity for Mason scientists to conduct original research with the data stream provided by Ligado that can provide deeper insights into the properties and dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere,” said Jim Kinter, Director of the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies at Mason. “The data from a next-generation satellite launched just a few weeks ago that we will receive from Ligado are unprecedented in their resolution, time frequency, and scope. Our students will be able to gain a fuller picture of how the atmosphere operates, zooming in from a hemisphere view to the mid-Atlantic, the Commonwealth, and even the neighborhood.”

“The mesmerizing views of their home planet will inspire students to inquire how the Earth works and seek a deeper understanding of weather and climate, and the real-time nature of the data stream lends a sense of excitement and exploration that is not possible otherwise. One instrument alone, the lightning sensor, gives Mason students and researchers the potential to revolutionize our understanding of thunderstorms.”